Services & Facilities

At Kirks Vets we can offer a range of services to suit you and your pet's needs

Services Include...

  • Dental Hygiene Clinics
    Our nurses are passionate about dental hygiene and you can book an appointment for them to check your pet's mouth. They will give you lots of helpful tips how to keep up dental hygiene at home. We would encourage all owners to take a look in their pet's mouth (if it's safe to do so) or bring them to practice for us to check.

  • Flea Advice
    Flea treatments mostly require a prescription to obtain. If we have not seen your pet within the last year, you can book an appointment for a free flea check. Once your pet has been seen by a vet, follow-up appointments can be made with a nurse. Advice will also be given for prevention of fleas within your home environment.

  • Worming Advice
    Our nursing team are available to discuss your pet's needs on a risk-assessment basis of the family circumstances (e.g. are there children in the household? does the cat go out a lot?) We can also help with administering the medication. 

  • Microchipping
    Microchipping is always advised, along with keeping all your details up to date. It is the best way to ensure your pet is re-united with you if they go missing and is a legal requirement for all puppies over 8 weeks of age.

  • Pet Passports
    For travel within the EU at the moment your pet will require a passport. Your pet will require a microchip, a rabies vaccination, a passport and then will be able to travel 21 days afterwards. They will also require a tapewormer 1-5 days before re-entering the UK and for their passport to be stamped certifying this has happened.

Facilities Include...

  • Operating Facilities
    Each practice has two operating theatres with separate prep areas and dental facilites. We offer full monitoring equipment and digital x-ray, along with fully qualified nurses to help the vet monitor your pets to ensure they are looked after with gold standard care.

  • Cat/Dog
    Separate cat and dog waiting areas so cats are not bothered by the dogs in the reception area. We offer cat only clinics and cat trees in practice, ensuring your cats are as stress-free as possible. We have separate cat and dog wards in each practice so pets are not worried about each other when in for a procedure.

  • Ultrasound
    We have state of the art ultrasound for scanning all parts of the body. We also perform many echo cardiograms which are scans to show how the heart is performing.

  • Laboratory
    Up-to-date IDEXX heamatology and biochemistry allows for quick results for the vets interpretation. We offer Pre-aneasthetic blood tests for all patients.

  • Grooming
    Fully qualified groomers at each practices, offering a full grooming experience to clients and their animals. We can offer sedation for those of your animals who become severely stressed or aggressive - these should be discussed prior to booking with permission from the vets. Read more.